Our Most Common Questions

Are you accredited?

Not yet. Although, most countries don't ask if you completed your course from an accredited institution, we have decided to pursue this to help students feel assured they are receiving a quality education. If you don't choose American TEFL Academy, please be careful of schools with fake accrediting agencies. If the school lists an accreditor and you go to the accreditor's website and don't see any schools on it, its likely because the accreditor is owned by the school (so they are accrediting themselves). Be careful!

Do I need a college degree to become certified to teach English?

Generally speaking, most schools do require you to have at least a Bachelor's or four-year degree in any subject. However, there are at least a handful of countries where you can teach without a degree. We have seen students find work in the following countries without a degree: Cambodia (particularly in Phnom Penh and Siem Riep), Nicaragua, Spain, Argentina (especially in Buenos Aires), Mexico (with much success in Mexico City), and all over Russia. From time to time, I have come across schools in Vietnam if they are outside major cities of Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang. Keep in mind, you likely will not be able to find work at regular schools and often it will be at English Centers. However, students in English Centers are very eager to learn and it can be a lot of fun as you are not under the thumb of government schools.

Are your TEFL certifications internationally recognized?

Yes! In order to teach English all over the world, you need to have earned a certificate that proves you completed a 120 Hour course. We offer this! This means once you have successfully completed our course, you will receive your certification and you will have met the internationally accepted requirements. Our students have had no issues finding work using our certificates at most schools. A few select schools may ask for a Master's Degree or a CELTA, but generally speaking, you just need 120 Hours of study.

Where can I teach if I have a degree?

If you already have a four-year degree in a subject, then you will have a greater number of options. Many times you will be able to find steady work at elementary schools, secondary schools, and English Centers. Some universities also may hire you to teach in English specific classes, such as Speaking. We have teachers who have a Bachelor's degree and they benefit from the greater number of options and the higher chance to make a case for higher salaries and wages. Again, you do not need a degree in English, your degree simply shows you are educated and a "Natural English Speaker."

Do I need a teaching credential?

We are often asked about teaching credentials. In order to teach English in many countries all over the world, our certification will be enough of a credential. However, if you have a teaching credential from your home country (especially from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or South Africa) you have greatly increased your value and our certifications will only help you to better market yourself. We have seen in some countries such as Vietnam, where a teaching credential opens up more doors for the upper-echelon of private schools. However, a four-year degree with our certification is estimated to get you into about 80% of the schools out there.

Do I need a visa?

In most cases, you will need a Work-Visa. However, some schools may hire you with a Travel or Visitor Visa to work for short amounts of time. For example, Vietnam you can obtain a 90-Day Visitor Visa and likely find work with our certification. However, you must leave the country and re-enter with a new Visitor Visa if you plan on continuing to work. Some teachers make a habit of this and use this time to visit neighboring countries. This situation is not advisable, as it can be a headache to be forced to leave and re-enter 24 hours later, every three months, but it is often done. Also, please be sure your passport is up to date and there are enough pages for your visa. Again, we use Vietnam in example and their Visa will take a whole page of your passport and they will stamp a separate page. It is advisable that you have a good-number of pages for visas and stamps. Lots of passport photos should be brought with you as visa applications require one to two to be submitted.

What other documents should I bring

Any credentials, certificates, degrees, or diplomas that you might have that you plan on using. It depends on the school and the country, but some may require originals be brought with you. Some countries may even require that you get them notarized at your consulate, translated, and then certified again locally. For English Centers, often just PDF copies can work. We will send you a PDF copy of your certificate, but if you would like a hard-copy, we can send you one for $15.00 USD with free shipping within the US and Canada via Flat-rate Priority. Other countries, varying shipping rates may apply.

How much money can I make teaching English abroad?

A very important question, indeed! Many teachers report being able to save about half of their earnings. Of course it depends on several factors: qualifications, experience, workload, and location. We can't list every country and their average salaries, but in Southeast Asia, $1000 to $1800 USD is the norm; Japan and Korea $2000 to $2600 is common; South America $500 to $1000 is common; Eastern Europe $250 to $750 a month; in the Middle-East $2000 to $4000 is normal.

Keep in mind cost of living is big factor, some countries offer housing such as Japan, UAE, and South America.

Tax situations vary from country to country.

Do I have to be American to take this course?

Of course not! Our course is designed by Americans and it is from an American prospective, however teachers from schools and English centers all over the world have been involved. Not all English teachers are American, British, or Australian. In fact, we have trained teachers who learned English as a second language and needed our certification to teach in their own countries. We are here to help everyone!

If you have other questions not answered, feel free to write us at: admin@americantesolacademy.com

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Our Most Common Questions